Three women of the future evoked from the past

06 - 07 - 08 October 19:30 - 20:00Iaia Forte (thursday) Milena Vukotic (friday) Anna Meacci (saturday)

In order of evocation:
Iaia Forte (thursday)
Milena Vukotic (friday)
Anna Meacci (saturday)

with Marco Azzurrini, Gabriele Carli, Giulia Gallo

In collaboration with Nicoletta De Francesco e Marta Capuano

The history of computer science, even more so than in any other discipline, seems to only include male protagonists.

Before the 80’s, computer scientists were always well-off engineers of a certain age, dressed in suits and ties with pencils sticking out of their breast-pockets, nice and trim in order to make space for the huge computers that existed then.

They were serious men who played chess in their free time, had incredible memory-capacity and usually worked for NASA or appeared on television quiz shows. During the 80’s, computers got smaller and teenagers fell in love with them.

The stereotypical, still very topical figure of the computer nerd was born: the adult engineer had morphed into a an awkward short-sighted teenager with no social skills and above-average intelligence. And most of all, he was still always a man….but what about women?

For three evenings, three mysterious women, three women scientists from the land of the dead will be remembered in order to answer the question that is so often asked: what role did women play in the history of science, and more particularly, in the history of computer science?


Teatro Verdi
Via Palestro, 40, Pisa, PI, Italia
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