Exhibitions and installations

Click if you dare

The great Von Neumann already had his own theory behind them back in the 1940’s, and computer viruses have been around since the beginning of the Internet. Click if you dare has put together the most infamous of them in a series of panels in the shops of Pisa, challenging festival goers to click on […]

09:00 - 20:00

Relational spaces

‘Relational spaces’ rotates around a corpus of photographic works distinguished by the use of digital technology which intensifies the perceptive relationship with the places represented, by interweaving a play of cross references, poised between subjective vision, reality and the duration of time. For information, the press release of the exhibition is also attached. Special opening […]

10:00 - 20:00Special opening times 6-9 October 10-13 and 16-20 h

The water gives and the water takes away

Economic and environmental migration

PEOPLE ON THE MOVE Photos by Francesco Malavolta Francesco Malavolta’s deep and simple photographs tell of the hopes, dreams, doubts and struggles of those who leave their country to battle seas and oceans in search of a better future, because it is « better to die once at sea than die a thousand times at home ». […]

We Are Not Numbers II

Every day, we formulate thoughts, thanks to which information is produced. Such information is collected in the form of data with which we aliment an eco-system enabling us to determine our reality. When we find ourselves faced by an enormous quantity of data, the visual representation through the use of images, sounds, interactive systems and […]

CRS4 Social Wall

A wall that becomes an interactive surface for sharing information with other users contemporarily: an idea from CRS4, the multidisciplinary research centre of Pula (Cagliari) engaged in creating innovative solutions to natural, social and industrial problems. The studies carried out by CRS4 in this ambit have extended the functionality of interaction, going beyond the concept […]

An interactive map of Pisa mobility

A look at the city, its attractions and workplaces, in the light of the traffic issue. In time, in space, on the days in which traffic heavily affects the quality of life in Pisa, while more sustainable patterns (ride sharing, car pooling, bikes) enhance the enjoyment of the historical, yet young and dynamic town centre.

Next generation Fiber Access

An extremely fast connection enters everyone’s home, a hundred times faster than the existing networks. Fruit of the research work carried out by the TeCIP Research Institute of the Secondary School of Sant’Anna, visitors may personally experiment the possibilities offered by a high capacity connection in a residential or commercial ambit.


Exhibition of the comic strips created by Leo Ortolani and Federico Bertolucci for the Comics&Science magazine of the CNR – Registro .it. Comics & Science is a publishing project developed by studio Symmaceo Communications on behalf of CNR Edizioni. The publication will be previewed at the Festival.