Hengdian Group

An example from China of a company experiencing economic growth and social development

Sat 08 17:00 - 17:15

In the last thirty years, many private Chinese companies have experienced rapid development, emerging unscathed from the recent global financial crisis, continuously generating wealth and value not only on a financial level, but on social one as well.
Hengdian Group, for example, is among the top ten private Chinese groups with a turnover of 9 billion dollars and over 50,000 employees. Not only is Hengdian one of the biggest industrial groups, but it is also a social hub, where alongside its work in the various industrial sectors, it also manages hospitals, playschools, schools, centres for senior citizens etc., both for the benefit of its employees and the local population. As such, the town of Hengdian has gone from being a simple farming village to one of the biggest tourist attractions in China with over 15 million visitors a year that come to visit the film studios and theme parks. The question that we should be asking ourselves is this: do Italian entrepreneurs still have dreams to fulfil?

Ethics, Robotics and the workplace
The explosive and rapid impact of technological process characterises the fourth industrial revolution and transforms production, management and governance, tearing down the barriers between the physical sphere, the digital and biological worlds. The irruption onto the scene of robots as automated labourers poses ethical problems and raises issues for future economic and social contexts. Will jobs be lost? Should we trust robots when they make delicate decisions without human control? Will they increase or decrease inequality between men? Will mankind remain in perpetual idleness or be required to accept underpaid or purely unskilled work? Policy plays a fundamental role in establishing new forms of collective equilibrium.


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