The future of fiction is in the internet

Simone Arcagni meets Riccardo Milanesi

Sun 09 17:00 - 18:30

Simone Arcagni (new media theorist) meets Riccardo Milanesi (writer and director) and together they attempt to map out the still relatively unknown “galaxy” of digital video content: webseries, smartseries, ARG, live streaming storytelling, transmedia and crowdsourced storytelling…

Visions from-with-and through the Web
The digital wave redesigns the terrain of the audio-visual world. It creates video forms, that are also new in terms of production, distribution, financing and use models. A journey to discover the hybrid forms that come from the interaction of cinema, fiction, series production, traditional media and the Web: from web series to video blogs and from augmented reality games to video storytelling. A day spent at the Cinema Arsenale that concludes with the presentation of a new TV series, based on the famous graphic-novel Blatta.


Cineclub Arsenale
Vicolo Scaramucci, 1-3, Pisa, 56125 PI, Italia
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