Man-machine symbiosis and social robotics

Challenges for research, and development opportunities

Sat 08 15:45 - 16:00

The integration of robotics and artificial intelligence will revolutionize our society and lead to many new questions.
Initially designed for factory production, robots today are a fundamental component of mass production, and are increasingly indispensable (as science-fiction writers had imagined they would be) in space science and the medical world.
So what is the next step for robots? Becoming social beings, playing a part in our everyday lives? Acquire a place in our homes as well as in our urban landscape?
A number of ethical and legal questions are raised by man-machine integration, questions which will become increasingly meaningful once robots will be introduced into the human body.

Ethics, Robotics and the workplace
The explosive and rapid impact of technological process characterises the fourth industrial revolution and transforms production, management and governance, tearing down the barriers between the physical sphere, the digital and biological worlds. The irruption onto the scene of robots as automated labourers poses ethical problems and raises issues for future economic and social contexts. Will jobs be lost? Should we trust robots when they make delicate decisions without human control? Will they increase or decrease inequality between men? Will mankind remain in perpetual idleness or be required to accept underpaid or purely unskilled work? Policy plays a fundamental role in establishing new forms of collective equilibrium.


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