The Dark Side of the Web

A journey into the Deep Dark Web of Good and Evil

Sat 08 11:50 - 12:15

The underground network of anonymous personages, hackers, secret services, traffickers, criminal bands and clans: what it is and how it works.
The role of the Bitcoins.

The Web is structured like a close-knit weft of data and relations and so captures traces, evidence and information that can reveal hidden identities, reconstruct movements and reveal illegal dealings. This is the land of the Web that extends beyond the confines that we all know and in which we are used to move with ease. This is the land navigated by secret services and terrorists, hackers and traffickers, investigators and organised crime. A journey into the depths of the Web, that stretches from the crime novel to cyberwar.


Scuola Normale Superiore
Piazza dei Cavalieri, 7, Pisa, 56126 PI, Italia
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