Fabio Martinelli


Fabio Martinelli is a researcher at the IIT (The Institute of Telematics and Informatics) of the CNR (National Research Council) where he is head of cyber security: He has co-written many scientific papers that have been published in numerous conference proceedings and international journals. His research activities are focused on the security of distributed and pervasive systems as well as aspects of privacy and trust in dynamic and complex systems. Fabio Martinelli runs various national and international research projects, notably as coordinator of the European project NeCS, the European cybersecurity network. Fabio Martinelli is co-chair of the Italian technological platform for research in security (SERIT) as well as the WG3 technological platform for “Network and Information Security (NIS)”. Moreover, Fabio Martinelli has recently been appointed First Director of the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO), the main European organization for cyber security R&D.