Fabio Massa

Fabio Massa Photo

Dr Fabio Massa is a ranking member of the Italian Carabinieri and is National Vice-Chairman of the National Association of Computer Forensics Experts, ANGIF. He is a computer forensics consultant for various Italian court houses as well as national and international police forces. He has obtained various international titles and certifications, including: Evidence Collector and Crime Scene Technology Specialist(The American Institute of Forensic Science – Youngsville, NC), Cellebrite UFED Examiner (CCLO) and (CCPA); Certified Cyber Intelligence Investigator McAfee (USA), Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI), Accessdata Mobile Examiner (AME), Accessdata Certified Examiner (ACE), Accessdata Academic Trainer. He teaches at UNISED and is an editorial staff member of “Sicurezza e Giustizia”, member of the Centre of Computer Forensics Studies, the CSIG, the Italian explosives institute, IRE, an institutional member of the IISFA, IABPA and an accredited member of ANCRIM.