Web Doc Next

How to present information, interact and tell a story

A workshop that teaches you the fundamentals of highly visual interactive narratives. A series of exceptional case studies exploring different methods of cutting edge web documentary filmmaking. Upon reservation only. For further information: Edited by Roberto Malfagia e Emanuele Nappini

Let go of your doubts and create new connections with the future

A coaching session to help you make the right choices and grow professionally

A coaching session to help young people define their goals for their future studies and careers, identify their strengths and weaknesses and determine the different steps to take to reach their goal. Participants will get a chance to discuss, analyze and write about their situation, interests and skills in order to acquire more self-awareness and […]

Out of Fashion – Nerd is fashion

Try out the nerdy chic look at our real photoshoot

What’s it like being in a nerd’s shoes? Come and see for yourself! You’ll be « nerded-up » by our expert stylist and get your picture taken by a professional photographer on a real photoshoot installed especially for the occasion!! Edited By IED Firenze con Tommaso Tancredi

Low Power Wide Area Networks

Imagining an "IoT for all”

The IoT revolution includes using the “Low Power Wide Area Network »; low energy consumption internet that covers dozens of kms. As Pisa’s LPWAN is introduced thanks to the University of Pisa and Zerynth, a panel of experts and companies from the sector discuss the current situation and expectations for the future. Edited by Stefano […]

Picturing the thought process

Sketchnoting, scribbling and doodling can improve your notetaking skills and stimulate creativity

Learn how to transform thoughts and ideas into projects and create your own treasure map. Elements of sketchnoting, scribbling and doodling using everyday technological tools (tablets, smartphones, notebooks). Edited by Alessandro Bonaccorsi | Shivu

The event repeat on 7 & 8 october from 11:30 to 12:30 & the 9 october from 16:15 to 17:15

Knitting with algorithms

How to knit with a computer

Is there a link between computers and knitting? It may sound strange but the answer is yes. Come and hear about how algorithmic theories can help you create new patterns and join us at our Knitting Café, with free knitting lessons by Knittable Pisa. (Til 6:30 PM.) Edited by Anna Bernasconi, Chiara Bodei, Linda Pagli […]