Forme di Futuro

Yesterday, today and after tomorrow

Thu 06 17:00 - 19:00

The Festival starts with voices and stories that define an ideal timeline from the 1980s, crucial for the birth of the Internet as it is understood today, up until modern times and onwards to 2048, the upcoming near future. A look back to the past to reconstruct, along with experts and witnesses, the political, cultural, communicative and technological context that laid the foundations for the digital revolution. What will 2048 be like? Big data, talent and imagination to design the year to come.

1984 Or yesterday
2016 Or today
Intermezzo: Dialogue from planet Tralfamador
2048 Or after tomorrow
Conducted by Matteo Bordone
Musical play list by Ernesto Assante and Gino Castaldo


Teatro Verdi
Via Palestro, 40, Pisa, PI, Italia
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