Tech-it-easy, technology at your fingertips

The relationship between technology and art: an interactive journey through beauty and science

Inspired by the writer Arthur C. Clarke’s conviction that “any kind of sufficiently advanced technology is nothing short of magic”, this interactive workshop involves a journey into current Lego, Arduino and RaspberryPi technology applied to music, entertainment and popular science. Edited by  Fosforo, la festa della scienza

Let go of your doubts and create new connections with the future

A coaching session to help you make the right choices and grow professionally

A coaching session to help young people define their goals for their future studies and careers, identify their strengths and weaknesses and determine the different steps to take to reach their goal. Participants will get a chance to discuss, analyze and write about their situation, interests and skills in order to acquire more self-awareness and […]

School box – A burst of creative technology for the school of the future

Learning science, history and geography using technology and games

Studying science with holograms and geography with cardboard and augmented reality; creating a set of figurines as you learn about history: a workshop of secret recipes for a hi-tech and fun school.. Edited by Matteo Locatelli con Jessica Rampi, Sonia Musso, Giovanni Trapella | consorzio UNISON

the event repeat thur, fri e sat from 9:00 to 12:30 & sat & sun from 15:00 to 18:30

Educational Robotics and neurodevelopment

Strategies and interventions for the improvement of problem-solving, attention and memory

We shall be discussing the developmental models of Executive Functions (EF), the abilities that regulate the cognitive processes of planning and control, and the relationship between EF development, cognitive development and academic achievement and details regarding the scientific results of a project involving the use of Educational robotics on EFs (e.-Rob, Fondazione TIM) will be […]

Risorse in digitale per affrontare difficoltà di apprendimento in matematica

Strategies and software for each educational stage

Learning difficulties in mathematics, even serious ones, can be prevented right from the very first stages of primary school. At the workshop, participants will be presented with strategies and resources to address them the best way possible and help prevent them from emerging. Edited by Anna Baccaglini-Frank | Sapienza – Università di Roma

Relax – Hear and Now

A space to relax and try the free app that guides your breathing and measures your heartbeat before and after a workout

Based on stress reducing techniques and meditation, this app teaches us to breath deeply using our diaphragm. By pressing your finger on the camera lens, your smartphone can pick up on your heartbeat and breathing and registers your heart’s reaction to exercise. Edited byi “Davide Morelli | BioBeats Group”

The T-Tour team

Curious, dynamic and unstoppable: you’ll be meeting them all, equipped with their microphones, cameras and phones: the reporters, communicators, social media managers of the future and they’ll be giving you T-Tours during the 4 days of the festival. Come and meet them! In collaboration with B:kind – cowork in science

The game of life

Doctors and patients can learn from technology and virtual reality

The Scuola Sant’Anna, with the interactive « e-schoolapius: the symptoms of the heart » and the cardiopulmonary resuscitation videogame – Relive – will show you how virtual reality is transforming the way cardiac symptom management is being taught to doctors and patients. Edited by  Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa, Settore di Scienze mediche e laboratorio […]

Programming and computer engineering for Ninja students

Make way for the CoderDojo!

How does an app work? Can you program without a computer? If you want to know more and start your adventures as a real Ninja of code, your mentors from the Pisa CoderDojo are waiting for you at the IF’s fabulous lab. Don’t forget to bring tons of enthusiasm and your computer! Edited by Pisa […]

How to make a robot

Behind the scenes at a reserach centre - all you ever wanted to know about muscles and the art of robotic

A presentation of the new frontier of robotics with the Softhand: a hand for humans and robots; come and try it and check out the QBmove, the next generation robot muscles that will enable them to fulfill similar movements to those of humans. Edited by Centro di Ricerca E.Piaggio, Università di Pisa

Octopus the robot

When robotics are Inspired by nature and become soft and squidgy

What can an octopus teach a bunch of biorobotics researchers? Unlike robots, octopuses don’t have any rigid physical components which gives them uncanny freedom of movement. So maybe octopuses can teach us how to build soft robot? Edited by “Cecilia Laschi |Istituto di BioRobotica, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa”

The events repeat on thur, frid & sat from 9 to 12:30; sat & sun from 15:00 to 18:30

Ni hao

A mini Chinese course for adults and children - citizens of the world in a digital age

A guide for all ages to discover the secrets and sounds of such a melodious language and a mention of several websites, apps and social networks to ensure you get a variety of points of view on contemporary China. Edited by Istituto Confucio, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa

Low Power Wide Area Networks

Imagining an "IoT for all”

The IoT revolution includes using the “Low Power Wide Area Network »; low energy consumption internet that covers dozens of kms. As Pisa’s LPWAN is introduced thanks to the University of Pisa and Zerynth, a panel of experts and companies from the sector discuss the current situation and expectations for the future. Edited by Stefano […]

LEGO® citylab

The world's favourite bricks are back! Workshops for all ages

A nerve center of blocks, electronics and robotics stamped with the LEGO® logo, for a series of workshops and labs for fans of all ages. Edited by OrangeTeam

This event repeat from Thur gio, ven e sab dalle 9:00 alle 12:30; sab e dom dalle 15:00 alle 18:30

The different shapes of imagination : a digital shape and character design workshop

From geometrical shapes to digital drafting: how to create characters and storylines

How do shapes and colour define a character? We’ll be experimenting with user-friendly digital drawing software and creating characters for various stories that participants are welcome to share with friends and post on blogs. If you have your own tablet, do bring it along! Edited by Lucrezia Benvenuti | Steam Factory

The event repeat everyday from 9:00 to 10:00 & sat & sun from 15:00 to 18:00
6 - 13

Rehabilitation and e-learning software for treating ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

ADHD and trouble at school: Digital resources to support learning and rehabilitation

Who are the children who suffer from ADHD? This seminar will be showcasing software and digital resources that make learning easier for children with ADHD as well as allow them to work on cognitive ability rehabilitation as well as academic deficiencies. At the end of the presentation, participants will be able to take part in […]

Keep calm and love Robots

How to survive the robot invasion

Delivery drones, autonomous vehicles for transport, coordinated robots that monitor entire areas or that work side by side with humans in homes or factories – this is what our near future appears to be. This roundtable will focus on modern research and help us separate fantasy from reality. Edited by Lucia Pallottino | Centro di Ricerca […]

Internetopoli – The game. Adventures in the city of Internet

The multiplayer game for seasoned web users

A giant scoreboard, 4 teams, challenges and surprises will be introducing the Internetopoli app and show you the wonders and rules of the city of Internet. An array of games dedicated to the Web of opportunities. Edited by Ludoteca del Registro .it, Cnr di Pisa

Learning with Bee-Bot

Educational robotics workshop for the little inventors of the future.

How does a robot work? How do you program it? A tiny robotic bee brings technology closer to children through games with innovative strategies and solutions encouraging interaction between participants and sharing skills and goals. « Learning with Bee-Bot » is part of the E-Rob research project run by the IRCCS Fondazione Stella Maris and […]

This event repeat on Thursday 6 from 9:00 to 12:30 & friday 7 from 9:00 to 12:30
6 - 7



How the inner structures of the brain and the computer are made and connected to each other? what are the characteristic length scales involved, their similarities and differences in functions? a compelling journey into the brain’s mechanisms, a great source of inspiration for the electronics of the future. Edited By Scuola Normale Superiore – NEST, SmartLab, […]

How to create your own infographics

Tips from the expert on how to present information using graphics

A workshop for children where participants will be able to witness the whole process of infographics design, infographics being one of the most innovative tools of the past years. The participants will be able to decide what the information represented in the infographics will be prior to the workshop and see how each phase is […]

The event repeat on thursday 11:30-12:30, friday 10:15-11:15, saturday 10:15-11:15 & 16:15-17:15

The language of the Internet

The use of language on the Internet and social media

We’re a communication-based society and nearly every one of us spends some time immersed in the Web. This roundtable will explore the (vices) and virtues of internet-based communication which too often gets taken for granted. Edited by Simona Cresti e Stefania Iannizzotto | Accademia della Crusca

Big Data & Friends

How data analysis makes everything sound more sexy: a few case studies to help make sense of it all

Detailed program – Big data: from today’s reality to future challenges (Fosca Giannotti, Dino Pedreschi). Search engines: from words to concepts (Paolo Ferragina) “SE PTEE EGGR QESO TTOL…” (IF YU CN RD THS TTL…) (Fabrizio Lillo) The ball was round: the dream of explaining football thanks to data. (Paolo Cintia, Luca Pappalardo). My band is […]

At the speed of light

The power and secrets of travelling at 300.000km/s

Have you ever wondered what the speed of light was? Light is indispensable to the Internet as it is to most things; it has the power to cancel distances. This is a workshop that teaches participants about electromagnetic waves and how to measure the speed of light! Edited by Marco Monaci | Ass. IScience Lab

This event repeat on 6-7-8 october from 9:00 to 12:30 & 8-9 october from 15:00 to 18:30

On the lookout for gravitational waves

The Virgo interferometer instructions manual

Gravitational waves really do exist and we have proof. But how do you go about finding a gravitational wave? Directly from the Ego-Virgo collaboration, a replica of the Interferometer used to analyze the wonders of the cosmos. Edited by Progetto GraWIToN e EGO/Virgo

The events repeat everyday from 9:00 to 12:30 & sat. & sun from 15:00 to 18:30

Creating in 3D

Digital creation and co-working

A shared workshop run by the “Creiamo in 3D” association for the promotion of digital creation and open source values, in which it will be possible to meet, collaborate, share resources, ideas and knowledge. Edited by: Creiamo in 3D Thursday: 9:30/12:30 e 15:00/18:30 Friday: 9:00/12:30 e 15:00/18:30 Saturday: 9:00/12:30 e 15:00/18:30 Sunday: 10:00/12:30 e 15:00/18:30