Paola Alberti

Paola Alberti, originally from Maremma, lives in Pisa. After having studied under the guidance of the Greek-specialist Vincenzo Di Benedetto, she graduated in Performing Arts and Communications, and was the student of both Dacia Maraini and Vincenzo Cerami. She is president of the only European Prize available to women in the “noir” genre. She has […]


François Alliot

François Alliot is a game developer, he created the studio Nerial 3 years ago. Through Nerial, he has worked on 5 games : Singular (a bubble paper puzzle game), Magic Shot (a procedurally generated French billiards game), Passengers (a migrant smuggler satire management), Devouring Stars (a RTS with galactic entities) and Reigns (a binary Kingdom […]


Dino Amenduni

Born in Bari in 1984, Dino is a partner, head of social media and policy communicator at the Proforma communications agency. He contributes to local publications in the Espresso Group, La Repubblica – Bari and Valigia Blu. He is on the staff of the Perugia International Journalism Festival. He has a degree in Communication Psychology […]


Giulio Andreini

Giulio Andreini, Net7 srl. Project Manager, Web Designer and Product Manager for the Pundit project, Giulio has a working experience of over 15 years in the IT sector, with a strong focus on user experience and web usability.


Carlo Annovazzi

I am Editor-in-chief of the Repubblica. For the past ten years I have been head of news in Milan, but for the eighteen years prior to this I worked in sport at all levels. In 1999 I invented Kataweb Sport (KwSport), the first Italian sport site to not be affiliated to any print newspaper.


Lucia Annunziata

She attended the University of Naples first and then of Salerno, where she graduated in philosophy with a thesis on state contributions to the south and the workers’ movement. She was a teacher at the Middle School of Teulada (in Sardinia) from 1972 to 1974. A professional journalist since 1976, United States correspondent first for […]


Simone Arcagni

Simone Arcagni is Associate Professor at the University of Palermo and a cinema, media and new technologies scholar. He writes for “Nòva – Il Sole 24Ore”, “Oxygen”, Technonews”, “Segnocinema”, “Home!” as well as for other scientific publications. He writes a blog (Postcinema) on the “Il Sole 24Ore” website “Nòva100”. Director of “Screencity Journal” and “EmergingSeries […]


Benedetta Arese Lucini

Benedetta Arese Lucini was born in Milano, and graduated in International Economics at the University of Bocconi. She began her career in Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley in London. She then decides to move to New York for a Master in Business Administration at NYU Stern School of Business, specialising in Technology, Media and Entertainment. […]


Giuseppe Augiero

He is currently involved in Network Design and Information Security in the Health sector. In the past he designed and attended to the perimeter security of part of the core business of an Italian ISP and an ASP Provider. He has used Gnu/Linux since its very beginning, when the kernel version was 0.99. He is […]

Foto_Roberto Baldoni

Roberto Baldoni

Roberto Baldoni is a full professor at the Sapienza University of Rome. He is director of the Sapienza Research Center for Cyber Intelligence and Information Security and, at National level, director of the Cyber Security National Laboratory. He is currently coFounder and President of Over Technologies SpA, a Sapienza Spinoff on IOT. Roberto conducts active […]


Renata Balducci

Renata Balducci was born in Massa and holds a diploma in surveying. She has always had a passion for cooking. In 1999 she fell in love and changed her life as she decided to adopt a completely ethical lifestyle and become a vegan. She has written several vegan cookbooks, notably “Nobili Scorpacciate Vegan” and “Nobili […]


Paolo Barberis

Paolo Barberis, 46, Dada and Nana Bianca co-founder, Digital and Innovation Adviser to the Italian Prime Minister, io@paolo.it , @paolo_barberis Paolo founded Dada, which still is a company of reference in Europe in the domain, hosting, online advertising sectors. In June 2000, at the age of 32, Paolo became the youngest chairman and founder of […]


Pietro Bartolo

My name is Pietro Bartolo and I was born in Lampedusa on the 10th of February 1956 to a large fisherman’s family. I spent my whole childhood in Lampedusa where I completed elementary and secondary school. At 13, I moved to Trapani in order to attend the liceo scientifico (high school with science and math-based […]


Ernesto Belisario

Ernesto Belisario, Attorney at Law, graduated with honors in Administrative Law and Science. He assists businesses and public administration organizations on issues concerning ICT law (digitalization and dematerialization, open government, open data, privacy, startups) and administrative law (procurement, construction, urban planning, public accountability and public sector services) in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings. Author of many […]


Roberto Bernabò

Roberto Bernabò is director of all the Finegil daily publications and former director of Tirreno, the major local daily of the L’Espresso Group. He began working as a journalist at age 19, as a reporter in his hometown Pietrasanta. He went on to an entire career at Il Tirreno: editor-in-chief of the Viareggio edition since […]


Sandro Bertuccelli

Sandro Bertuccelli has been editor in chief of Repubblica Firenze since June 2010, and has worked for the L’Espresso group since 1988. He began his career in journalism in Florence at the daily paper La Città.


Paolo Bettini

Paolo Bettini (born 1 April 1974 in Cecina, Livorno, Tuscany) is an Italian former champion road racing cyclist, and the former coach of the Italian national cycling team. Considered the best classics specialist of his generation, and probably one of the strongest of all times, he won gold medals in the 2004 Athens Olympics road […]



For a very long time he didn’t consider himself as an artist, until, one day he decided to understand the purpose and the nature of his work. Soon becomes clear that there is no existing “category” that can fit his urban inclination, typical of the Urban Art, and his expressive process which is very close […]